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The most ambitious female Kpop idols: Lisa (BLACKPINK) “surely”, who is the representative of TWICE and Red Velvet?

According to Cnet, these female idols all have something in common in terms of seriousness, progressive spirit and constantly trying to rise up in their careers.

Among the qualities of Kpop idols, their hard work, constant efforts to improve their image and attractiveness are always highly appreciated by fans. There are many female idols who score points for their professionalism, progressive spirit, diligence and dedication in all activities. Netizen forum Zhihu (China) lists female idols that they consider to have quite “ambitious” personalities (in a good sense), are examples of rise, always desire to go further and decide to success in the pursuit of art.

In BLACKPINK, the member that Cnet thinks has the biggest career ambition is the youngest Lisa . She is the first Thai female idol to debut in the Big 3 companies of Kpop. Especially for a company that has never released foreign trainees like YG, Lisa is certainly aware of the importance of cultivating skills and building the courage to shine.Right from the first days of her debut, Lisa has scored with professionalism, confidence, always knowing how to shine when standing on stage. During times when there is no schedule of activities, Lisa always tries to express herself with carefully choreographed and invested solo choreography videos.

Lisa is the “talk less do more” type of person. Her slogan is “don’t tell others about your dream, prove it to them”

It can be seen that Lisa is very hungry to shine as a solo artist, and when given the opportunity, she takes it very well. The audience has never seen a moment of Lisa’s negligence when performing and singing. Lisa also understands her unique charm and strength. She also understands that her real market is in China and internationally, not Korea. Lisa clearly knows what she wants, once she has a goal, she must definitely achieve it. In short, she is an intelligent idol who wholeheartedly pursues her goals, and is serious in all circumstances.

2. Soyeon (G)I-DLE
Soyeon was chosen as the most ambitious member of the Cube (G)I-DLE girl group . With her leadership talent and producer qualities, Soyeon always seems to try to show her own qualities in songs composed for (G)I-DLE. Not only participating in the composing process such as composing, writing lyrics, and arranging, Soyeon also has the power to decide on the members’ line division, concept building, and sometimes even choreography for the group.

Soyeon is talented, has leadership qualities, has production assets and has a strong artistic “blood”. She is the soul of (G)I-DLE

Leader (G)I-DLE seems to have strong ambitions about changing the musical taste of Korean audiences. The songs Soyeon participated in composing for (G)I-DLE such as Latata, Oh My God, Hann, Senorita… are different from the traditional genres of Kpop. Soyeon has also repeatedly stated her goal to become a professional producer or set up her own entertainment company in the future.

For her, there are no gender boundaries when it comes to art forms such as music and performance. “When I write music, I don’t think about gender. I just write what’s on my mind,” Soyeon said in an interview in January 2020.

3. Sana (TWICE)
In TWICE , the members are all hardworking and professional, but when calling the name of the most ambitious member, many netizens voted for Sana . She is highly appreciated for her ability to express herself, make use of her charms, know how to please her fans, and know how to make herself known to more audiences. Sana’s strength is grasping the psychology of fans.

Sana is good at “seduction” her fans, one way or another

Sana is very well aware that the “gut” of fans is to like aegyo, and also like sexy looks. Therefore, she will have behaviors and expressions to serve the fans’ preferences.

Of course, this is a wise quality in K-pop idol circles. Sana always craves attention and wants to fight more for her own fame and TWICE’s fame. There were recording sessions, Sana stayed to ask if the director could shoot more for her. Or look at how every time Sana stands in the center, or appears in front of the camera, she always stands out, knows how to stand out and also enjoys the spotlight.

4. Seulgi (Red Velvet)
Seulgi in real life has a gentle personality, seemingly “harmless”, but is extremely serious at work. Being both hard-working and determined, and being chosen as Red Velvet ‘s “ACE” , it’s not difficult to understand why the female idol is so strict with herself. Seulgi’s ambition can be seen from the “flaming” eyes of the female idol when performing. Seulgi’s choreography, vocals, and stage skills are all perfect.

To talk about progress and seriousness, determination to succeed in Red Velvet, Seulgi is the number 1 choice.

Laziness, laziness are concepts that do not exist for her. During Red Velvet’s performance at SMTOWN LIVE Culture Humanity , Seulgi was the only member to complete the mission brilliantly as usual. At that time, Red Velvet had just re-appeared after Irene’s attitude scandal, and Wendy had not fully recovered. The group’s overall stage was not explosive, only Seulgi still proved her professionalism. Once she steps on the stage, she will be extremely determined, her spirit cannot be shaken, affected by any difficulties.

In general, Seulgi is the type of idol who never wants to disappoint fans, always gives her best on stage, is a shining example of a hard-working, enthusiastic, and serious star with art.

5. Miyawaki Sakura
When participating in Produce 48, fans can realize how strong Miyawaki Sakura ‘s determination to shine is. Sakura’s technical skills are not too good, but she knows how to use her strengths to make up for her shortcomings. Sakura’s ability to express her face and adjust her demeanor in front of the camera is extremely good. Therefore, she was continuously recognized for her progress through each round of competition, from an unremarkable contestant to the top competing for the center position.

Sakura may not have many outstanding talents, but her quality as an idol is unmistakable. Sakura’s desire to win has inspired many other contestants, and contributed to the attraction of Produce 48

Sakura is an idol model who knows how to exploit the advantages of her appearance and expression well to make up for the shortcomings of her singing and dancing skills.

When working with IZ*ONE, Sakua is always aware of “how to surprise fans”. She also knows how to win fans’ hearts with actions such as handwritten letters, diligently studying Korean, setting up a YouTube channel to play games, etc. All of these show her desire to be loved by fans and maintain her charm. for themselves in the fierce competition of new generation idols.





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