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Revealing a hint of Jennie (BLACKPINK) making cameo in Jisoo’s movie, netizens went crazy “visual explosion this time!”

An "extremely convincing" picture makes the audience believe that Jennie (BLACKPINK) will make a cameo in the movie of the eldest sister Jisoo.

Near the broadcast date, the Snowdrop of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae In continuously teased still cuts revealing the film’s background. In addition to making the audience go crazy with the cast’s superb visuals as well as the film’s shimmering background, a recent photo has also become the focus of social media because of the appearance of a somewhat familiar angle.

The picture is getting more attention than the main couple’s visuals

Specifically, in the picture, in the right corner, a girl appeared, many people noticed that this girl was wearing the same outfit and hair as the female idol Jennie (BLACKPINK) . Even the girl in the picture is said to have one of Jennie’s signature features: dumpling cheeks. This makes people seething that Jennie is really a cameo in the movie of the eldest sister BLACKPINK.

This girl with dumpling cheeks…

Is it Jenny?

Apart from the headband without the bow, the set is exactly the same as the Snowdrop actress’ outfit

Audience comments:

-This dumpling cheek is unmistakable, I’m not Jennie, I’ll go to the ground first

-It definitely can’t be a coincidence, I came to support the eldest sister

– Looking forward to seeing Ms. Jen in the drama, the two sisters’ visuals explode next to each other

– It’s real, I want to see these two visuals side by side at Snowdrop

– Can all 4 BLACKPINK sisters appear together?

Set in Seoul in 1987, Snowdrop revolves around Youngro (Jisoo) – a young student girl who accidentally saved Im Suho (Jung Hae In) – a student of a prestigious university when he suddenly rushed into the dormitory. female injured. Youngro hid him and cared for his wounds even in the face of danger under close supervision.

Snowdrop airs every Saturday and Sunday evening from December 18 on JTBC and parallels on Disney+.


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