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the moment Lisa’s legs are as long as a pole: Is it because of her flared pants or because of her amazing body proportions?

Of course, this strange moment made the public cheer for Lisa's name again.

In addition to her musical talent, Lisa’s heavenly treasure is her slim legs and “absurd” body proportions. Called an absurd ratio because even though she is only 1m67 tall, looking at her overall body, everyone thinks that Lisa must be 1m72 tall. Recently, this golden ratio continues to make the public stir when the idol’s hasty image makes people blink a few times to regain their senses!

I can’t believe this is a girl who is only 1m67 tall! Long legs like spades, tiny waist and skeleton like comic characters. Is it all true?

In the sharp image, Lisa’s well-proportioned frame is even more evident when she wears low-rise flared pants – a best friend of long legs

Thanks to her beautiful proportioned body with short back – long legs – small head, Lisa easily “transforms” into a 1m8 tall girl if she wears tens of centimeters of high heels.

Even when wearing sneakers, Lisa’s long-legged advantage can still be seen. Her long legs and slim figure make it easy for her to dress up, avoiding the situation of “long back and short legs” like many other girls.

To show off her body beauty, Lisa often chooses loose or slightly flared pants to make her long legs longer. The beauty also freely chooses to wear short skirts and shorts to show off her legs. People say ”good shows off bad”, whatever is beautiful, Lisa shows off thoroughly!

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